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Online professional service for CFOs

Our CFO Hotline provides online professional services where experts with various skills resolve a variety of issues.

If certain tasks do not increase your company's corporate value directly, you do not need to have your valuable employees deal with them.
It would be better to use external resources well for tasks that require professional knowledge.
To respond to such requests, we will establish a process/system to make good use of external professionals.
Let's start using our CFO Hotline as a handyman for the CFO to resolve various issues and manage your organization rationally.


CFO Hotline services resolve the CFO’s various issues.

The CFO Hotline service resolves various issues mainly caused by a shortage of workforce by selecting and assigning the most suitable partner* from among our various skilled partners. The assigned partner executes tasks in accordance with instructions from an experienced operation manager, who controls and has responsibility for the entire project.
* A partner is a professional with certain skills and experiences who participates in the CFO hotline service as an alliance partner.

Services provided by professionals

*Our services are provided for corporate clients
  • 01Daily accounting work
  • 02Financial closing work
  • 03Disclosure
  • 04Multiple GAAPs related work
  • 05(Overseas) subsidiary management
  • 06Support for the requests of the overseas parent company
  • 07Audit support
  • 08Establish/operate internal control systems
  • 09IPO
  • 10M&A
  • 11Translation
  • 12Others
CFO Hotline services resolve the CFO’s various issues.
Four Strengths of CFO HOTLINE


  • # Benefit 01

    Enhance the flexibility of the CFO organization and save its operational costs

    • 01Establish an accounting team that is not only suitable for the busiest time of year
    • 02Not necessary to recruit employees only for specific tasks that require professional skills
    • 03Even if recruitment is not good, accounting managers are able to concentrate on their management work
  • # Benefit 02

    You can request us urgently or always or from anywhere

    • 01We can accept urgent and short-term delivery works.
    • 02Routine works are also welcome.
    • 03You can request us from anywhere because this is an online service.
  • # Benefit 03

    Reasonable price

    • 01A partner is selected based on competitive quotes
    • 02Fees are charged based on working hours only, which means idle time is not charged.
    • 03Fees are determined in advance at the estimated amounts and no additional fees based on actual working hours are charged.**We may charge our fees based on actual working hours for certain services.
  • # Benefit 04

    Reliable quality

    • 01The operation managers are certified public accountants ("CPAs") with more than 10 years of experience in major accounting/auditing firms.
    • 02The operation managers are responsible for the entire process from first contact to final delivery.
    • 03The operation managers will provide you with deliverables that satisfy your requirements by the due date.
What we can do?

Our ServiceOur Service

  • 01
    Outsourcing of non-core operations

    BPO Outsourcing of non-core operations

    Let’s outsource non-core operations, which require professional knowledge but do not directly increase the company’s corporate value, in order to achieve both high quality and efficiency.
    One of the advantages of outsourcing is that it may lead to the resolution of internal control issues.
    Learn more
  • 02
    Solve shortage of human resources

    virtual team Solve shortage of human resources

    Use external experts and stabilize your organization even in the case of emergencies, such as when you are unable to recruit a successor, unable to perform routine tasks due to urgent projects, or have no member with high English skills or relevant skills of preparation for IPO.
    Learn more
  • 03
    Enhancement and supplement of functions

    reinforcement Enhancement and supplement of "functions"

    Conveniently use external experts to ensure the appropriateness of accounting treatments, improve the accuracy of reports from subsidiaries, increase both the quality and quantity of M&A pre-deal considerations, and improve the quality of internal audits and/or audits by corporate auditors, etc.
    Learn more
  • 04
    Preparation of new initiatives

    lnitiation Preparation of new initiatives

    Let's ask external experts to prepare certain documents necessary for the decision-making of new initiatives, such as the adoption of IFRS, M&A, IPO, financial statement audits, etc.
    Learn more
Workflow from your request to completion of project


  • 1
    Submit your requests
  • 2
    Upload relevant documents necessary for fee estimation
  • 3
    Perform bidding among partners and submit fee estimation
  • 4
    Submit your orders
  • 5
    Upload relevant documents necessary to fulfill your requests
  • 6
    Fulfill your requests and upload the deliverables
  • 7
    Download and accept the deliverables

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