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Company name CFO Hotline Inc.
Date of establishment January 6, 2023
Co-Partner Go Nakagawa
Hiroshi Fuse
Our business CFO hotline business
Online based professional services
Head office 13-16, Akasaka 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan 
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2022.05 Start CFO hotline business as a new business of NC Advisory GK
2022.11 Open website of CFO Hotline service
2023.01 NC Advisory GK established CFO Hotline Inc through Incorporation-type Company Split
CFO Hotline Inc took over the CFO HOTLINE business

Management Team

Go Nakagawa

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Public Tax Accountant
B.A. in Economics, Waseda University
After graduating from the university, joined Bridgestone Corporation, and then joined EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC("EY") and engaged in accounting audit, accounting advisory services and transaction advisory services for about 20 years.
After leaving EY provided management strategy consulting services at Glory Total Management Co., Ltd. and established NC Advisory G.K. in 2020 to provide various advisory services.

Consulting services provided in the past

  • Support for individual accounting procedures such as goodwill, leases, allowances, etc. (Domestic public clients in Electric Appliances, Tele Communication industry)
  • IFRS conversion support (Domestic public client in Food, Pharmaceutical and IT industry)
  • Support for overseas subsidiary management (Domestic public client in Machinery industry and Domestic non-public client in Services industry)
  • Internal audit and governance development support (Foreign-oriented clients in Food and Banks industry and Domestic non-public client in Services industry)
  • IPO support (Domestic non-public client in Food, Transportation and Real Estate industry)
  • M&A support (Domestic public client in Banks, Retail and IT industry and Foreign-oriented clients in Banks industry)
  • PMO support(US listed IT industry and Domestic non-public client in Retail and Transportation industry)
  • Business turnaround support (Domestic public client in Retail and Real Estate industry and Domestic non-public client in Retail and Hotel & Leisure industry)
  • Corporate reorganization support (Domestic non-public client in Construction, Transportation and Hotel & Leisure industry)
  • Privatization support(Domestic non-public client in Transportation industry)

Main field

  • Multiple GAAPs related work
  • Subsidiary management
  • Audit support
  • Internal controls
  • IPO
  • M&A
  • Restructuring
  • Fraud investigation

Hiroshi Fuse

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Public Tax Accountant
B.A. in Economics, Keio University
Worked for Ernst & Young for approximate 20 years and was engaged in external audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with domestic or international accounting standards such as USGAAP or IFRS
After establishment of a private accounting/tax consulting firm, provide accounting advisory services for domestic or foreign-oriented clients

Consulting services provided in the past

  • IFRS conversion support (Domestic public client in IT industry)
  • Disclosure documents(such as annual report or quarterly report, etc.) preparation support (Domestic public clients in IT or Service industry)
  • English version financial statements preparation support (Domestic Public Client in IT industry)
  • Reporting Package (for parent company in oversea) preparation support and fiscal yearend closing support (Foreign-oriented clients in Food, Medical equipment and Retail industry)
  • Internal control improvement support (Foreign-oriented clients in Medical equipment industry)
  • Accounting team support for various requests from external auditor (Domestic public client in IT industry and foreign-oriented client in Food industry)
  • Accounting team support for preparation of journal entries such as deferred tax accounting or revenue recognition, etc. (Domestic non-public clients in Service industry)

Main field

  • Daily accounting work
  • Subsidiary management
  • Financial closing work
  • Audit support
  • Disclosures
  • Internal controls
  • Multiple GAAPs related work

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